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With so much competition in the online gambling world, you have to go above and beyond to stand out from the rest nowadays. Bovada Casino is ranked as one of the top casinos within the US and Canada. Whether it is the Bovada welcome bonus, the free blackjack Bovada offered or the sheer volume of slot games, Bovada is amongst the best. We will use this Bovada review to explain why Bovada has the reputation that it does and why it is up there with the best online casinos in Canada.

Why is everyone talking about Bovada Casino and do we think the hype surrounding them is justified

It is not hard to see why online Casino Bovada is one of the most popular at present. To start with, the Bovada deposit bonus is one of the biggest around. When you make your first deposit you will receive a massive Bovada bonus of $3000. You will be issued with a Bovada bonus code in which to use this. If you are also going to utilize their extensive sportsbook option, be sure not to mix up the Bovada sports bonus code and the Bovada Casino bonus code as they are for separate promotions.

Whether you prefer the live dealer feel of online casinos, beating the odds at a bet on your lucky numbers on roulette, beating the opposing player at poker, getting one over on the dealers at Blackjack, winning big or just playing for entertainment and make your money back by the end of your session, Bovada will give you an experience to remember.

In this Bovada review we will look through all aspects of their site and what keeps them at the top

Now aside from the bonuses which we will cover in more depth a little later on, this Bovada Casino review will also explain why their customer services also have such a good name. Whenever you are using a website that you are transferring your money to, you want to have faith that it is safe and looked after. Bovada have a dedicated customer services department that can be contacted by telephone or email and you will receive a very speedy response.

Another popular aspect of Bovada Casino is the free blackjack option. Whilst a lot of casinos will allow you to play the slots on demo mode to get to know the game better, this isn’t always an option with the table games. Bovada do allow you play free blackjack so where certain blackjack games can have varying rules this will again allow you to learn the game correctly giving you the best chance of winning when you are gambling with real money.

It is important that when using any of the many promotions to always use the correct Bovada bonus code

Bovada believe heavily in loyalty and because of this there are a lot more Bovada bonuses available than you would see on a lot of competitor sites.

They offer the welcome bonus previously discussed, they offer deposit bonuses, they offer specific promotions to certain games, they also offer no deposit bonuses and as with all bonuses, to claim this, you would need to enter your Bovada no deposit bonus code.

You will notice that there is so frequently a new Bovada bonus when you log in or when you deposit

Bovada do tend to reward their customers more than most, if not all online casinos on the market. You may receive some bonuses for games you’ve never played before so it’s always a good time to try out new games when these promotions are on offer to you to see if it may be a game you would play more often without spending too much of your own money.

If you are unsure which casino to try out, the Bovada deposit bonus is a perfect excuse to at least try it

With the initial deposit bonus of $3000 it makes sense to trial this site to see if it is as good as everyone is saying it is. After using your bonus, you can then decide if you are getting everything you want out of this site.

While discussing the deposit, I’ll also make you aware of the Bovada withdrawal options. At present there are 2 options available to you when withdrawing. These options are either check by courier or rapid transfer. It’s important to note that the method of withdrawal is defined by your deposit method. So if you wish to receive your withdrawal via check then you need to have made your deposit via a Visa card. If you deposited via Rapid Transfer, your withdrawal will be via Rapid Transfer. It is not possible to make a deposit via Rapid Transfer and seek to receive a check for your withdrawal so when making your deposits, always bear in mind how you wish to conduct your withdrawal as they will have an impact on each other.

In conclusion, this casino feels like it was created for your enjoyment. The team at Bovada are available am to pm for any of your betting needs.


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